Woman of Light: Discovering Hildegard of Bingen

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Woman of Light: Discovering Hildegard of Bingen

  • Director of Spiritual Formation at Our Lady of the Oaks
12 20-Mintue Lectures (5 Discs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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  2. Woman of Light: Discovering Hildegard of Bingen Audio-Book Bundle: Woman of Light: Discovering Hildegard of Bingen + Light on a River’s Turning: Meditations on the Life of Hildegard of Bingen - 5 CDs and Book $44.95

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Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) is one of the most inspiring figures in Christianity: a Doctor of the Church, visionary mystic, powerful composer of hymns, artist, and philosopher. Now, you have the opportunity to know Hildegard intimately in this program on her life and spirituality.

The story of her stunning visionary life and images of her great works of art have come down to us through the centuries. They are priceless gifts birthed from her long life as a Benedictine nun. Embark on this journey through Hildegard’s life and works. Lyn Doucet delivers these excellent lectures in her signature Southern voice

Hildegard created major texts of theology and cosmology accompanied by rich and powerfully beautiful illuminations: paintings derived directly from her visions. Hildegard also created lovely music for her nuns to sing, and her music is still widely popular today. She worked as a physician in her monasteries and wrote two books on the natural world and healing. Her letters to popes, kings, bishops, monks, nuns, and laypeople continue to offer an amazing glimpse into her life and times.

Hildegard’s understanding of all things great and small was ahead of its time, and her relationship with God continues to speak powerfully to us in our own era. Blessed John Paul II called Hildegard a “light for her people and her time.” Spend some time with this inspiring Doctor of the Church and discover how her mystical light continues to guide us today.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • An Overview of Hildegard of Bingen
  • The Historical Context of Hildegard of Bingen’s Life
  • Jutta, Disibodenberg, and Life in the Anchor-Hold
  • The Spiritual Life of a Visionary
  • Scivias
  • The Great Womanly Figures in Hildegard’s Visions and Texts
  • Choirs of Angels and the Man in Sapphire Blue
  • The Universe as an Egg and as a Wheel
  • The Founding of Rupertsberg and Eibingen
  • Hildegard’s Music and Poetry
  • Hildegard’s Healing Work and Visions of Ecology
  • A Final Challenge for Hildegard and a Woman for Our Times
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Lyn Holley Doucet, M.Ed. M.S., is an educator, spiritual director, and counselor. She is currently Director of Spiritual Formation at Our Lady of the Oaks Jesuit Retreat House in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, where she is active in leading preached retreats and facilitating continuing education and Peer Supervision for lay spiritual directors. She is the winner of a Catholic Press Award and has published five books, including When Women Pray, When Wisdom Speaks, and Healing Troubled Hearts. Lyn works with women to foster individuation and the flourishing of the inner, spiritual life. She has been an active part of an ongoing contemplative group for four years. She has had a deep interest in Hildegard of Bingen for many years, and this passion was recently nourished by a recent trip to Germany to visit all of Hildegard’s historical sites. Lyn has served on the national board of Theresians International, a thriving spiritual organization, where she was named the first lay spiritual director for the National Board. She was recently honored by this organization as a Woman of Vision.

“When Lyn Holley Doucet speaks, people listen: women and men both, firm contemplatives as well as struggling hearts. She has only grown more powerful since the first of...

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"Hildegard of Bingen is one of my favorite medieval women.
I visited her beginnings in Germany; cherished memories.
Thank you for a new presentation on Hildegard."
Review by Viriditas (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Excellent information but difficult listening to presenter
Ms. Doucet clearly loves her subject but it is hard for her to get to the point. She rambles and has great difficultly with her German pronunciations. I realize it is hard for a Louisianan to speak fluent German but she should be able to make the names of places and people known to her listeners. After awhile, I had to give up and go back to reading other sources on Hildegard. Review by Catholic Hermit (Posted on 5/11/2014)
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