The Gospel of  Mark: A Bible Study Course

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The Gospel of Mark: A Bible Study Course

  • The Catholic University of America
12 Lectures (5 Discs) Including an Electronic Study guide
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Enjoy new insights into the subtle complexity of the first gospel.

Most scholars agree that Mark’s Gospel is the earliest of the four canonical Gospels. It is also the shortest, with swift dramatic turns throughout its fast-paced narrative. It is a gospel of action, but because of its brevity, it has often been overlooked in the history of the Church in favor of Matthew.

As you will discover, Mark’s Gospel is compelling in its combination of simplicity and sophistication. This course guides you through Mark’s Gospel sequentially, offering you fresh insights and a deeper understanding of its overall shape and message. Prof. Ian Boxall, a celebrated New Testament scholar who taught at Oxford for twenty years, presents each lecture with an erudite yet accessible style.

This Bible study course will help you become a more perceptive reader of Mark’s dense and challenging book. Under Prof. Boxall’s expert guidance, you will explore what makes the Gospel of Mark unique:

  • the “untamed” aspects of this Gospel, which embody the traditional symbol for St. Mark: the Lion;

  • his distinctive presentation of Jesus and the disciples;

  • his use of parables;and

  • his symbolic use of geography.

 Let the stark beauty of Mark’s Gospel inspire you as it has inspired so many Christians across the centuries.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Mark Among the Gospels
  • Setting the Scene: Preparing for Christ’s Ministry
  • The Ministry Begins: Healing, Exorcisms, and Controversy
  • Understanding God’s Kingdom: Teaching in Parables
  • What Kind of Messiah? An Enigmatic Christ
  • Sea-Crossings and Picnics: The Significance of Geography
  • Learning to Follow Jesus: Disciples, Apostles, and the Twelve
  • Coming to See: The Journey to Jerusalem
  • Looking Beyond the Story: Questions about the Future
  • The Silence of God: The Passion and Death of Jesus
  • In Search of an Ending: How Mark’s Gospel Finishes
  • The Impact of Mark’s Gospel
About Your Presenter

Prof. Ian Boxall, D.Phil., is a British New Testament scholar and an associate professor of New Testament at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He received his master’s degree and doctorate in the New Testament, as well as his bachelor’s degree in theology, from the University of Oxford, where he wrote his dissertation on Revelation. Before moving to the United States in 2013, Prof. Boxall taught the New Testament in the United Kingdom for over twenty years, first at Chichester Theological College from 1992–1994, then at the University of Oxford from 1994–2013.

Among Prof. Boxall’s publications are a number of books on the Book of Revelation, including Revelation: Vision and Insight (SPCK, 2002), The Revelation of John (Continuum and Hendrickson, 2006), and Patmos in the Reception History of the Apocalypse (Oxford University Press, 2013). He is also the author of Discovering Matthew (Eerdmans, 2015) and two undergraduate study guides to the New Testament: New Testament Interpretation and The Books of the New Testament (SCM Press, 2007). He was previously editor of Scripture Bulletin, the journal of the Catholic Biblical Association of Gre...

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