The Old Testament

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The Old Testament

  • Professor Emeritus, Franciscan School of Theology
36 Lectures (13 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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This is one of those remarkable courses thoughtful Catholics like you have clamored for.  An insightful and enjoyable survey of the entire Old Testament in 36 lively lectures you can experience while driving or at home.  

Throughout the ages, the Old Testament has shaped both culture and belief, while calling forth astounding creativity, fostering deeply held religious convictions and inspiring breathtaking masterworks of art, music, and literature - from Michelangelo's David to Handel's Messiah and Milton's Paradise Lost.

The Old Testament can be known as a magnificent whole, yet often you encounter it mainly through worship readings that are limited in number and may be out of context. While they have value even then, their power to teach, inform and sustain faith only becomes greater when you, as a listener, become as well informed about them as you can be.

Giving you that wonderful sense of the Old Testament as a magnificent whole is what Father Guinan's wise, warm talks are all about. They invite you on an adventure of the mind and soul with the aim of discovering the inner greatness and beauty of these 46 grand Biblical books anew.

After receiving a thorough grounding in basics, you will explore elements of the history, literature, culture, theology and spirituality that these books teach us, and that make up so much of what the Christian faith means today.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Intro: What is the Old Testament [OT]?
  • Intro: A Catholic Approach
  • Intro: Overview of OT History, Part I
  • Intro: Overview of OT History, Part II
  • Intro: The Culture of Canaan
  • Pentateuch: Introduction
  • Pentateuch: Creation, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Creation, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Primal Stories, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Primal Stories, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Ancestral Stories
  • Pentateuch: I am Yahweh
  • Pentateuch: Deliverance, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Deliverance, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Covenant, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Covenant, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Tabernacle, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Tabernacle, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Deuteronomy, Part I
  • Pentateuch: Deuteronomy, Part II
  • Pentateuch: Summary/Review
  • Deuteronomic History [DtcH]
  • Psalms: Intro
  • Psalms: Covenant with David
  • Psalms: Praying the Psalms
  • Wisdom: Intro to Wisdom
  • Wisdom: A Theology and Spirituality
  • Prophets: Introduction
  • Prophets: Servants of the Word of God
  • Prophets and the Future, Part I
  • Prophets: and the Future, Part II
  • Apocalyptic: What is Apocalyptic?
  • Apocalyptic: The Book of Daniel
  • A Review of the OT: Ancient Culture
  • A Review of the OT: Theology and Spirituality, Part I
  • A Review of the OT: Theology and Spirituality, Part II
About Your Presenter

Michael D. Guinan, O.F.M (Ph.D., Catholic University of America) is a Franciscan priest and a Professor Emeritus at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, Ca. He has published 10 books, several pamphlets and many articles in publications such as The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, The Collegeville Bible Commentary, and The Message of Biblical Spirituality series. He has taught the Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic languages, and biblical spirituality at St. Bonaventure University, St. Patrick's Seminary and the Franciscan Seminary in Manila.

Praise for Michael Guinan

“I first attended a lecture by Father Guinan about 20 years ago and immediately recognized him as a great teacher. He brings top-notch scholarship, excellent delivery, and a strong pastoral sense to every project. Teaching in the Philippines has given him a very broad vision.”
– Father Pat McCloskey, O.F.M.,  “Ask a Franciscan” columnist for St. Anthony Messenger

“Fr. Michael Guinan is a great communicator and one of those teachers who is able to assimilate a lot of material… and communicate it all in a concise, clear, an...

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Customer Reviews (2)
Very clear
Very clear. Great insight into the life of Paul. One of the best I have come across. It is one of ones that I will listen to again and again. Review by Fr. Gerry (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Solid information, well explained. Fr. Guinan is a little dry, but so is his wit. Review by Anonymous (Posted on 4/16/2015)
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