Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue: Your Guide to a Flourishing Life

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Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue: Your Guide to a Flourishing Life

  • Provincial, New York Province of the Society of Jesus
  • Former Associate Professor of Psychology, Fordham University
15 Lectures (6 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Availability: In stock.

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  1. Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue: Your Guide to a Flourishing Life Video-Audio Bundle: Gratitude: Seeing as Gift + Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue - 11 Discs Total $179.95
  2. Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue: Your Guide to a Flourishing Life Audio Bundle: Gratitude: Seeing as Gift + Spirituality, Psychology and Virtue - 11 CDs Total $159.95

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How can virtue, psychology and spirituality help you flourish?

Only 20 % of the U.S. population appears to be flourishing - characterized by an enthusiastic commitment to personal and professional growth and resilience in the face of disappointments.

Psychologists traditionally focused on relieving depression and anxiety. Now, positive psychology aims to maximize positive emotions in the face of life's challenges through living a virtuous life.

Explore the role of Christian spirituality in living a virtuous - and therefore flourishing - life. Your guide, pioneering psychologist, professor and Jesuit priest John J. Cecero, applies concepts from his book, Praying Through Lifetraps: A Psycho-Spiritual Path to Freedom to explain how lifetraps, core fears and experiences, prevent us from flourishing. With fresh insight, he will explore depression, anxiety and isolation, as well as various forms of impulsivity and addictions to processes (e.g. work, gambling, shopping, sex, etc.) and substances (e.g., food, alcohol, drugs, etc.).

These talks illustrate how Christian spiritual tools can powerfully supplement psychology to help flourish. You will gain specific guidelines and spiritual practices to cultivate gratitude, temperance, humility and forgiveness, among other key virtues, in the service of flourishing.

The series concludes with specific recommendations for cultivating and sustaining a spiritual path. The final talk addresses an issue of paramount importance in today's world, namely the call to exercise forgiveness.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • From Healing to Wholeness Practicing a Spirituality of Flourishing
  • The Lifetrap of Abandonment
  • The Lifetrap of Dependence
  • The Lifetrap of Unrelenting Standards
  • Depressed or Just Feeling Blue?
  • Spirituality and Anxiety Disorders: Panic Disorder, OCD, General Anxiety Disorder
  • Using Spiritual Strategies
  • Beyond Isolation and Fearfulness
  • Spirituality for Impulsive Personalities
  • Practicing a Spirituality of Confidence
  • Confronting Workaholism
  • Prayer as Instrument of Light and Life
  • Effectively Using Spiritual Direction
  • Guidelines for Spiritual Reading
  • Sabbath Time
  • Practicing Forgiveness
About Your Presenter

Fr. John Cecero, a Jesuit priest and clinical psychologist, is provincial of the USA Jesuits Northeast Province. For 15 years, he was an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Fordham University, where he also served as Rector of the Jesuit Community and Director of the Center for Spirituality and Mental Health at Fordham. After receiving a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from George Washington University, he completed an internship at the Boston Veterans Affairs Hospital and a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in substance abuse treatments at Yale University’s Department of Psychiatry.

Fr. Cecero researches personality assessment and the role of spirituality in mental health. He published Praying through Lifetraps: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Freedom (Resurrection Press, 2002). Fr. Cecero maintains a part-time clinical practice, in which he sees individuals and couples for outpatient psychotherapy.

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The presenter wisely combines our unity: body, mind, and soul. Review by The presenter wisely combines our unity: body, min (Posted on 4/28/2016)
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