Resurrection Belief: The Theological Treasure of the Middle Ages

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Resurrection Belief: The Theological Treasure of the Middle Ages

  • Associate Professor of Theology
  • The University of St. Thomas
12 Lectures (5 Discs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Take a journey through Christian history to discover the fascinating theology of the Resurrection.

As Catholics, we believe that Christ died, was buried, and will come again. Through His own resurrection and the resurrection of all humans, Christ delivers us to grace and restoration. Now, in Resurrection Belief: The Theological Treasure of the Middle Ages, you will come to understand the history of the theology of the Resurrection.

The Middle Ages gave rise to a rich theology of the Resurrection that flourished in the art and preaching of the time. In this series, you will explore Resurrection theology in the thought of such theologians as St. Bonaventure and St. Thomas Aquinas.

As you listen to these twelve thoughtful lectures, you will discover a treasury of medieval Resurrection theology. You begin with an overview of the Resurrection in the New Testament and the early Church, looking at story of Christ’s descent into Hell and the witness of Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. You will also come to understand what medieval theologians believed about the origins of human beings, and above all, the fate of the blessed in the glory of God.

The Middle Ages gave us timeless reflections upon the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our savior. This course is an essential journey through theology and the history of the Catholic Church. Embark on this journey today.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Resurrection of Christ in the New Testament
  • Resurrection in Early Christianity
  • The Harrowing of Hell
  • Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection
  • The Virgin Mary and the Resurrection of Christ
  • The Assumption of Mary
  • Heaven in the Middle Ages
  • Medieval Death and the Resurrection
  • The Human Being as the Image and Likeness of God
  • The Resurrected Soul: The Substantial Glory of the Blessed
  • The Resurrected Body
  • A Contemporary Reflection on the Resurrection of Christ
About Your Presenter

Steven J. McMichael, OFM Conv., is an Associate Professor in the Theology Department at the University of Saint Thomas (Saint Paul, Minnesota). His interests include Franciscan studies and interreligious dialogue, especially Jewish-Christian and Muslim-Christian relations. He has published in the area of medieval Jewish-Christian relations, particularly on the writings of Alonso de Espina (d. 1464). He is currently researching and writing on the topic of the resurrection of Jesus in medieval theology, preaching, and interreligious polemical literature.

“Fr. Steven McMichael is an engaging speaker who has refined the skill of explaining medieval beliefs, practices and worldviews to a modern audience, both scholarly and popular.” – Jay M. Hammond, Ph.D., Saint Louis University
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