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Jerusalem: The Holy City

  • Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P., Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies
12 Lectures (4 DVDs or 5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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With a fascinating past and turbulent present, Jerusalem is a city like no other.

From its founding 6,000 years ago to the present day, Jerusalem has gripped the hearts of the faithful worldwide. Thousands of books have been written about its religious significance and history. Now, you too will have the opportunity to explore what lies beneath the city’s streets, homes, and shops. In this course, you will learn about the Holy City’s history, its spiritual significance, the treatment of the city in the Bible, and archaeological discoveries throughout the city.

Believers in the One God, whether they are Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, consider Jerusalem a sacred place. Under the guidance of Fr. Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M., Ph.D., an expert on the Holy Land, you will look at Jerusalem’s special status in these religions. You will also explore the centrality of the city in the Hebrew Bible, which provides the basis for the city’s uniqueness, and in the New Testament.

In addition to examining the Holy City’s story through sacred literature, you will also discover its rich history by exploring the archaeology of the city. If you are interested in the contemporary issue of Jerusalem’s political status, this series will broaden your horizons.

The story of the city and its people over the millennia is a fascinating study of the human spirit in seeking an experience of the Divine.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Jerusalem: The Story of the City
  • Next Year in Jerusalem: The City’s Status in Judaism
  • The Holy Places: Jerusalem’s Status in Christianity
  • Al-Quds: Jerusalem’s Status in Islam
  • God’s Holy Mountain: Jerusalem in the Book of Psalms
  • Daughter Zion: Jerusalem in the Book of Isaiah
  • “The Lord Is Our Justice”: Jerusalem in the Book of Jeremiah
  • The Place Where the Lord Will Make His Name Dwell: Jerusalem in the Deuteronomic Tradition
  • The New and Heavenly Jerusalem: The Apocalyptic Tradition
  • “From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth”: Jerusalem in the New Testament
  • The Archeology of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem Today
About Your Presenter

Fr. Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M., Ph.D., is the Carroll Stuhlmueller Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is the author of several books and many articles on Old Testament interpretation and biblical archaeology, including Isaiah (New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Old Testament), There Shall Be No Poor Among You: Poverty in the Bible (Abingdon Press), The Holy City: Jerusalem in the Theology of the Old Testament (Michael Glazier Books), and The Synagogues and Churches of Ancient Palestine (Liturgical Press).

Fr. Hoppe received a Ph.D. in Religion from Northwestern University and an M.A. in Theology from the Aquinas Institute of Theology. He has served as the President of the Catholic Biblical Association (2015–2016) and is the General Editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly and an associate editor of The Bible Today. He is a member of the Assumption Province, Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) and is a Roman Catholic priest.

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