Introduction to Catholic Theology

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Introduction to Catholic Theology

  • Associate Professor of Systematic Theology,
  • Jesuit School of Theology
24 Lectures (9 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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This is the theology course you wish you had taken in college or graduate school.

This special series surveys the rich landscape of Catholic theology and presents it clearly and passionately. 
Begin by following your presenter, Rev. Kevin Burke, S.J., dean of the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, through the ancient origins and modern developments of our rich Catholic tradition. Each lecture builds on the next so that you will gain a keen sense for the synthesis of theological thought.

Journey through 2,000 years of prayerful and intelligent reflection and explore what that reflection has revealed about God, our lives, our church, and our beliefs.

This course will challenge and engage you while exploring the major theological questions that have gripped our minds and hearts. You’ll discover that your questions about God, scripture, right living, evil, and love connect you with a rich legacy.

Encounter the great theological ideas with which thoughtful Christians have grappled for centuries and meet the great theologians who have bequeathed us such a powerful legacy.

You will come out of this series with a far deeper and more meaningful understanding of what it means to be Catholic.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • An Ancient Tradition
  • Facing a Post-Modern World
  • How Can We Talk about God if God Is Absolute Mystery?
  • The Soil Where Theology Grows: Christian Prayer, Hope, and Life
  • Classic Paradigms and Contemporary Approaches to Theology
  • Doing Theology Today
  • The Creature Who 'Does Theology'
  • God as 'Absolute and Self-Revealing Mystery'
  • Images of Faith and Faith's Images of the World
  • Faith as a Dimension of the Human
  • Faith and the Expressions of Faith
  • Revelation in Theology
  • Toward a Theology of Revelation
  • The Problem of Interpretation
  • Human Words and the Word of God
  • Scripture as the 'Revelatory Text'
  • Beyond Fundamentalism: Interpreting the Revelatory Text
  • The Relationship between Scripture and Tradition
  • The Use of Scripture in Theology
  • The Role of Symbols in Religious Knowledge
  • The Role of Symbols in the Encounter with the Risen Jesus
  • Religious Authority and the Dynamics of Theology
  • The Point of Fundamental Theology: The Quest for Salvation
  • Theology and the Turn to Historical Reality
  • Theology as 'Love Seeking Understanding'
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Rev. Kevin F. Burke, S.J., is the Vice President for Mission at Regis University in Colorado. Previously, he served as Executive Dean and a Professor Ordinarius on the ecclesiastical faculty of the Jesuit School of Theology on the Berkeley, California, campus of Santa Clara University. From 1997 to 2006, he was a member of the faculty of Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His first book, The Ground beneath the Cross: The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuria (2000), focuses on the theology of a Salvadoran priest who was one of six Jesuits murdered by the Salvadoran Army in 1989 at the University of Central America along with two women co-workers. He co-edited a collection of essays entitled Love that Produces Hope: The Thought of Ignacio Ellacuria (2006) and edited a collection for the Contemporary Spiritual Masters series, Pedro Arrupe: Essential Writings (2004). Fr. Burke also co-edited a volume entitled The Ignatian Tradition with his sister, Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan, a professor of theology at Creighton University.

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Kevin Burke is a great theologian!
Kevin Burke is a great theologian and explains very well a very difficult subject. Review by Antonio (Posted on 4/28/2016)
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