What Did St. Francis Teach? Interpreting the Admonitions of Francis of Assisi

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What Did St. Francis Teach? Interpreting the Admonitions of Francis of Assisi

  • Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Saint Louis University
9 Lectures (4 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Saint Francis of Assisi did not play it safe.

St. Francis is one of Christianity’s best known figures, often depicted as a gentle soul communing with nature. But Francis’ Admonitions—written toward the end of his life, sometime between 1223 and 1226—reveals a bold new side of the saint.

Join Professor Jay M. Hammond in his 9-lecture series, What did St. Francis Teach? Interpreting the Admonitions of Francis of Assisi, as he expands upon the infamous Admonitions.

Francis wrote the Admonitions in a period marked by economic decline, international conflict, and social strife. An extraordinary but mysterious body of work, the Admonitions takes up these issues indirectly but intensely—focusing on the micro.

Under the guidance of Prof. Hammond, you will study the text’s overarching framework and core principles in order to better understand each of its remarkable 28 chapters. The author of The Virtual Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Prof. Hammond brings a wealth of research experience on Francis’ writings to the table. Deciphering this strange and magnificent text will be smooth sailing for you.

By the end of the series, you’ll find the context in which St. Francis wrote the Admonitions more relatable than you might have imagined at first. As much as we might wish otherwise, class disparity, war, and economic downturns are familiar features of the modern landscape. As you follow along, you’ll come to see the amazing relevance of Francis’ life and teachings to your own circumstances.

Experience a side of St. Francis you never dreamed of.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • The Admonitions’ Historical and Literary Contexts
  • The Spirit vs. the Flesh: Admonitions 1-4
  • God’s Good Works vs. Self-Glorification: Admonitions 5-8
  • Love vs. Sin: Admonitions 9-12
  • The Beatitudes: Loving Neighbor and God: Admonitions 13-16
  • The Self and Neighbor: Admonitions 17-20
  • Giving Satisfaction vs. Expecting a Reward: Admonitions 21-24
  • Honoring God and Neighbor: Admonitions 25-28
  • The Admonitions as Franciscan Spiritual Exercises
About Your Presenter

Jay M. Hammond is an associate professor of historical theology at Saint Louis University. He is also Director of the Ph.D. program and Co-Director of the Center for Digital Theology. His research focuses in three related areas of Franciscan Studies: the writings of Francis of Assisi, the writings of Bonaventure, and the mural decoration of the upper church of the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi. His publications include: Studies on the Early Franciscan Sources, vol. 1: The Writings of Francis and Clare, co-edited with Michale Blastic and Wayne Hellmann (Franciscan Institute, 2011) and The Virtual Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi (Institute of Digital Theology, 2007), among many others. He frequently delivers presentations on Francis and the Basilica to both academic and non-academic audiences.

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