The Orthodox Christian Church: History, Beliefs, and Practices

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The Orthodox Christian Church: History, Beliefs, and Practices

  • Professor of Systematic Theology
  • and Director of Institutional Assessment
24 Lectures (9 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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What was the significance of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Greece, the first such papal visit in 1291 years? Why are intelligent Westerners so fascinated in learning about the Orthodox Church, the world’s 2nd largest Christian Community?

Explore the fascinating history, theology and practices that 250 million Orthodox Christians claim as their own, and discover the differences and similarities between Orthodoxy and Catholicism with this incredible series.

The Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian community in the world after the Roman Catholic Church. In this exceptionally well-taught audio course, you will explore the rich history, theology, liturgy and traditions of Orthodoxy. You will have many “aha” moments as you recognize the differences and similarities we share with Eastern Christianity. This series covers the entire odyssey of an ancient church and its faith into the present day. Whether your interests lie in history, theology, ecumenism or esthetics, you will find this course clear, enjoyable and hugely interesting.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Introduction
  • How and Why We Think Theologically
  • Scripture
  • Tradition
  • Councils and Conciliarity
  • Ecumenical Councils (325 A.D. to 787 A.D.)
  • The Church Fathers
  • Liturgy
  • Icons
  • Saints
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Creation
  • The Human Person
  • Mary
  • Salvation
  • The Church
  • Sacraments
  • Prayer
  • Asceticism
  • "Eastern" and "Western" Christianity
  • Ecumenism
  • Orthodoxy: The Best Kept Secret in America?
About Your Presenter

A Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Institutional Assesment at Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Dr. Bouteneff has been lecturing and teaching about Orthodox Christianity for much of his adult life.

After he earned his undergraduate degree in music, he received his M.Div. from St Vladimir's Seminary, and a doctorate and M. Phil. from Oxford University, where he studied under Bishop Kallistos Ware. He has worked for many years in theological dialogue, notably as Executive Secretary for Faith and Order at the World Council of Churches, and has written extensively on Orthodox theology and Orthodox relations with other churches.

His theological interests include Christ, the Church, and the Human Person, as well as religion and popular culture. He conceived of and edits the "Foundations" series for SVS Press, to which he has contributed a widely popular volume called Sweeter than Honey: Orthodox Thinking on Dogma and Truth. He is also the author of Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives.

Customer Reviews (0)
Summer Survey: July 2017
Informative, clear, and thought-provoking. Explained certain differences between Western and Eastern Churches (e.g. Original sin Review by Dian ODonnell Wheeling WV (Posted on 7/9/2017)
Very comprehensive and quite thought-provoking for a Catholic. Review by Brian (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Very informative
The course presents an encompassing view of Orthodoxy, from an Orthodox viewpoint. Examines similarity and difference in belief between the Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Very informative and well organized. The presenter is a professor at an Orthodox seminary, and is a polished teacher. Review by Gene (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Fall Survey: October 2016
Thought-provoking content well-delivered Review by Brian ODonnell Wheeling WV. USA (Posted on 10/8/2016)
Fall Survey: October 2016
I learned a lot from this course. Review by Anonymous (Posted on 10/7/2016)
Fall Survey: October 2016
A perspective from outside the Latin point of view was very affirming. Review by Desmond McGowan New York City (Posted on 10/6/2016)
This is an excellent summary
This is an excellent summary of the principle tenets of Eastern Orthodoxy. It is unfortunate that this community is largely unknown by Western Christians other than a few scholars interested in ecumenism. There is much we Christians have in common. Review by Milton E. (Posted on 4/28/2016)
very informative and thought-provoking
Orthodox Church - very informative and thought-provoking, with different slants on such topics as original sin.
Review by Brian (Posted on 11/23/2015)
Orthodox Christian Church added to my knowledge of Orthodoxy and gave an understanding of points of conflict with Catholicism. In general the discussion of the theological insights of the Eastern Church deepened my own theological and spiritual reflections. Review by Brian O'Donnell, S.J. Wheeling, WV USA (Posted on 4/13/2015)
excellent presentation, clear and understandable
The presentation was clear and understandable I am sure that anyone listening to it would gain a good deal of information no matter what denomination they were raised in. I found it especially helpful when pointing out the differences between Eastern and Western Christianity it was done in a very factual manner,that lead to calm contemplation of the differences instead of a manner that could have been confrontational.
The only thing more I could haven personally wished for is possibly twice as many cd's so that Professor Bouteneff could have delved more deeply into several if not all of the topics.
Review by AJS (Posted on 11/11/2013)
Hard to imagine lectures more clear, informative, and engaging to listen to.
As someone born and raised in Orthodoxy, I was most enriched by listening to this series. And because the talks are so well organized and so clearly and straight-forwardly expressed, I have no doubt that they would be just as accessible to a newcomer to Orthodoxy.
Review by Tania (Posted on 5/24/2013)
Summer 2018 Survey
It deals with a faith that I was not very familiar with. Review by Wallace Utley, Monroeville, PA, USA (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Winter Survey: January 2017
One of my favorites was a course on the Orthodox faith. It was only on CD and I would have preferred DVD. It is an excellent course and gave me a better understanding of the Orthodox. Review by Anonymous (Posted on 1/12/2017)
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