Images of St. Francis: Living the Gospel

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Images of St. Francis: Living the Gospel

  • Professor, Saint Louis University
12 Lectures (5 CDs) including Electronic Study Guide
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Availability: In stock.

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We’ve been waiting to bring you this special course for over two years. Now, I invite you to encounter St. Francis of Assisi as never before.

Your guide is Conventual Friar J. A. Wayne Hellmann, a leading expert on Franciscan theology and co-editor of Francis of Assisi: Early Documents.

You will explore how Francis and his teaching came to be understood in rich and beautiful ways in the centuries that followed his life, making St. Francis deeply relevant then and now.

One of the first to write about St. Francis was his friend Pope Gregory IX, who called Francis an “industrious bee” in the vineyard of the Lord. Thomas of Celano presented an image of Francis “who had made his whole body a tongue” as he was carried on a donkey to continue his preaching mission. Even more interesting is the later transition from the image of the “Seraph” to the image of the “Angel of the Sixth Seal.”

With Fr. Hellmann as your guide, you will embark on a literary tour through these fascinating images. These expertly taught lectures will introduce you to the vast body of Franciscan literature, delivering you to the heart of Franciscan theology.

You will love this course.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Francis of Assisi: Saint, Founder, Prophet
  • A Seeker of Alms from God
  • Worker in the Vineyard
  • The Whole Body at Prayer, Part I
  • The Whole Body at Prayer, Part II
  • Herald of the Great King, Part I
  • Herald of the Great King, Part II
  • Peacemaker Meets Sultan
  • The Seraph and Francis
  • Leader of the Band
  • Angel of the Sixth Seal
  • Conformity to Christ
About Your Presenter

Friar J.A. Wayne Hellmann is Professor of Historical Theology at Saint Louis University, where he has also served as director of the PhD program in Historical Theology and as chair of the Department of Theological Studies. A Conventual Franciscan of the Midwestern Province of Our Lady of Consolation, he received his theological training at the Pontifical Faculty of St. Bonaventure in Rome and his doctorate from the Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universität in Munich, Germany. He served as co-editor of the three volume series, Francis of Assisi: Early Documents (New City Press, 1999-2001) and also as co-editor for the first three volumes of Studies in Early Franciscan Sources (Franciscan Institute Press, St. Bonaventure University, 2011). These latter volumes offer scholarly essays on each of the writings of Francis and of Clare. In addition, he has written numerous articles and served as an editor for the Franciscan entries found in the new edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia. For many summers over the last years, he taught early Franciscan sources at the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure, New York. Additionally, he has often lectured or conducted retreats for Franciscans in Zambia, Africa and elsewhere at home and abroad.

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This course provides basic insights into life of St. Francis and applications to daily living.
This course provides basic insights into life of St. Francis and applications to daily living.
Review by Joseph (Posted on 11/23/2015)
This presented Francis is a different light.
I have had Fr. Hellman for a retreat before and he is always making me look to St. Francis differently. He takes him out of the garden with the birds and presents a man whose love of God was reflected in everything that he did. Review by Rosemarie (Posted on 8/7/2013)
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