Benedict XVI: Theologian and Preacher

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Benedict XVI: Theologian and Preacher

  • Associate Professor, Fordham University
12 Lectures (5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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This course will give you deep insight into the mind and pastoral program of His Holiness Benedict XVI, this most learned of popes.

Fr. Burgaleta has included what he considers to be Benedict’s most important contributions to date as a theologian and preacher.

In particular, this program will focus on the classic topics of theology as Benedict himself has done both before and after assuming the Chair of Peter: faith, God, Christology, the Church, the liturgy, the word of God and the preaching and spirituality that flow from it, as well as Catholic social teaching. Each session covering these topics is accompanied by an outline and some reflection questions that we hope will be helpful in focusing your study of Benedict’s thought.

A selected bibliography of primary and secondary works is also provided for those who may wish to, in the words of St. Augustine, Benedict’s favorite theologian, Tolle lege – take up his works and read. We begin our study of Pope Benedict XVI by understanding the context that produced this great figure, the ideas that shaped him, and the events that impacted on his personal life and professional career. Finally, we will conclude with a review of the beginning of his pontificate including predictions of what we can expect from this most brilliant and surprising successor of Peter.

His Holiness Benedict XVI is without question one of the great theological minds of the second-half of the 20th century and beyond.  You will find this course fascinating and compelling.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Introduction & Bededict XVI’s Early Years
  • Benedict at Vatican II and Beyond
  • Benedict on Christian Faith
  • Benedict on God
  • Benedict on Jesus Christ
  • Benedict on the Church
  • Benedict and the Word of God
  • Benedict and a Word-Centered Spirituality
  • Benedict the Preacher
  • Benedict on the Liturgy
  • Benedict and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Conclusion: Benedict’s First Five Years as Pope
About Your Presenter

Father Claudio M. Burgaleta, S.J., is Associate Professor of Theology at the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education (GSRRE) of Fordham University. He is currently serving as academic mentor for several students on their thesis projects, including one entitled, "The Aesthetics of Pope Benedict XVI: Ever Ancient, Ever New." In 1980 he entered the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) at St. Andrew Hall, Syracuse, N.Y., and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1992. He obtained a Ph.D. in Historical and Systematic Theology from Boston College in 1996. Fr. Burgaleta is the award-winning author of several books, including an introduction to Christology in Spanish (Liguori, 2010) and Manual de eclesiología para los católicos de hoy (Liguori, 2012).

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