Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness

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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness

  • The Graduate Theological Union
24 Lectures (8 CDs)
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  1. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness Audio Bundle: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness + The Spirituality of the Twelve Steps for Everyone - 13 CDs Total $64.95
  2. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness Audio/Video Bundle: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness + The Spirituality of the Twelve Steps for Everyone - 13 Discs Total $79.95
  3. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness Audio Bundle: The Science of Happiness: An Introduction to Positive Psychology + Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness - 13 CDs Total $69.95

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What is mindfulness and how does meditation work?

As a person of faith, you understand the spiritual importance of contemplation, prayer, and reflection. But, if you are like most thoughtful people, your life is full of responsibilities, concerns, and distractions. This introspective course invites you to explore ancient traditions of meditation and mindfulness and their connections to joy and happiness.

In Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness, Professor Kenneth Rose (Ph.D., Harvard University), introduces you to the basic practices of meditation. In 24 informational and inspiring audio lectures, you’ll explore the spiritual roots of mindfulness alongside the burgeoning academic and scientific study of mindfulness in connection to human flourishing. Throughout, Dr. Rose counsels you on how to avail yourself of mindfulness practices en route to cultivating happiness.

Dr. Rose calls the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation “a magic bullet that brings waves of happiness flooding into our everyday lives by helping us turn unhelpful thought patterns and habits into positive responses promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, or happiness.” New research on meditation and mindfulness continually finds that their benefits to you are manifold. Happiness has been proven to:

  • Curtail procrastination;

  • Defeat addiction(s);

  • Decrease sensitivity to pain;

  • Reduce stress; and

  • Increase your ability to learn.

A leading scholar, Dr. Rose is currently Senior Research Fellow at the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California). As your Mindfulness, Meditation, and Happiness guide, you’ll find that he strikes the perfect balance between esteeming scientific inquiry on the one hand and fanning the flames of spiritual yearning on the other.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Happiness: What’s That?
  • Feeling Happy vs. Being Happy
  • The Happiness Formula and the Hedonic Treadmill
  • Is Happiness Really All It’s Made Out to Be?
  • Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Theory
  • Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Theory (Continued)
  • Barbara Frederickson’s Broaden-and-Build Theory
  • Martin Seligman’s Well-Being Theory
  • Aristotle on the Good Life
  • Aristotle on the Good Life (Continued)
  • Inclusive Happiness in Traditional India
  • Meditation: The Doorway to Inclusive Happiness
  • Med School Goes to the Ashram
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Your Brain on Meditation
  • All in Our Brains?
  • The Spectrum of Meditation Practices
  • Getting Acquainted with Mindfulness: The Stress Response
  • Getting Acquainted with Mindfulness: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Practicing The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Part 1, Mindfulness of the Body and the Breath
  • Practicing The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Part 2, Mindfulness of Feelings and Part 3, Mindfulness of the Consciousness or Mind
  • Practicing The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Part 4, Mindfulness of Mental Contents
  • Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation and the Three Trainings in Buddhism
  • Being Happy: An Inclusive Theory of Happiness
About Your Presenter

Dr. Kenneth Rose is a leading expert on word religions. He holds an M.Div. from Harvard University Divinity School and an M.A. and Ph.D. in the Study of Religion from Harvard University. At Harvard, he was a Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions. Currently Senior Research Fellow at The Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California), he is also an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Christopher Newport University, where he teaches courses on world religions, Christian spirituality, comparative mysticism, and philosophical theology.

Dr. Rose is an expert on theologies of religions, comparative mysticism, and contemplative methods. His publications include Yoga, Meditation, and Mysticism: Contemplative Universals and Meditative Landmarks (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016), Pluralism: The Future of Religion (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013), and “Pluralism and the Upaniṣads,” Journal of Vaishnava Studies (Fall 2010). Influenced as much by the Bhagavad Gītā as by Thomas Merton and the Buddha, Dr. Rose has engaged in a lifelong quest to understand and practice spirituality in light of the most sublime mystical texts in the world’s wisdom traditions.

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