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Theology and Science

  • Dean, University of Notre Dame, Australia
12 Lectures (5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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You will be informed, fascinated and enthralled by this unique course.

Debate between science and theology rages on with no sign of abatement. This course sets the terms of the debate in context historically, theologically and scientifically, giving you a deep understanding of the issues.

Through this series of 12 lectures, Professor Matthew Ogilvie examines the historical trends and themes since the 17th century in the relationship between theology and science. He focuses especially on issues regarding evolution and Catholic theology. Throughout the course you will be considering the question 'How should science and theology be related?' The course conclusion will address that question explicitly and propose how Christians, especially Catholics can be both faithful to their religious tradition and intellectually authentic in an age of science.

Along the way, you will deal with the achievements and challenges of Darwin's theory of natural selection. You'll explore the vital yet often neglected work of Pope John Paul II on science. Examine the Church's developing understanding of the Galileo case. Learn what the fuss about intelligent design theory is all about.

You'll examine the scientifically inspired atheism of Richard Dawkins and see how he presents a caricature of theism and fails to account for a sophisticated understanding of God or faith. Next, explore bioethics, a key intersection of science and theology. You'll review the principles of Donum Vitae and explore John Paul II's description of the 'Culture of Death.'

Science and theology are vital and productive fields. Understand how they relate and differ. Through this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how we can be both faithful and scientific.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Introduction
  • Science and Theology in the 17th Century
  • Science and Theology in the 18th Century
  • Science and Theology in the 19th Century
  • Science and Theology in the 20th Century
  • Pope John Paul II on Science and Theology
  • Evolution: Part I
  • Evolution: Part II
  • Intelligent Design
  • Scientific Atheism
  • Bioethical Issues
  • Conclusion
About Your Presenter

Dr. Matthew C. Ogilvie, Ph.D., is a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, where he previously served as Dean of the School of philosophy and theology. Prior to this position, he taught systematic theology at the University of Dallas, where he was director of the Philosophy and Letters program.

Dr. Ogilvie completed his Ph.D. in systematic theology at the University of Sydney. He teaches and writes on many theological topics and has a special interest in science and theology.y.

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