Eschatology: The Theology of Ultimate Hope

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Eschatology: The Theology of Ultimate Hope

  • Boston College
15, 25-Minute Lectures
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Audio Sample:

Every week, Catholics profess their faith in a “world without end” and “the resurrection of the body.” How can eschatology—the study of the Last Things—strengthen your hope in these beliefs?

Life everlasting lies at the core of Catholic doctrine, and no branch of theology confronts the soul’s immortality as powerfully as eschatology. But navigating complex topics like the afterlife and the Book of Revelation can seem intimidating. Contemporary depictions of death and the end times only compound to misconceptions.

Filled with fresh and fascinating perspectives, Eschatology: The Theology of Ultimate Hope gives you the tools to understand the Last Things. Your guide, veteran Boston College professor Father Harvey Egan, will change the way you think about existence, both in this life and beyond it. With his lectures, you will see how eschatology focuses not on doom and gloom—but on a new world of justice, healing, and hope.

An expert on mysticism, Fr. Egan brings an unparalleled knowledge of scripture and spirituality to this audio course. In his riveting lectures, you will explore the historical and biblical context of eschatology as well as the surprising mysticism that marks Jesus’ aim of ushering in God’s kingdom.

Both timeless and timely, this course is invaluable for 21st-century Christians who wish to understand the afterlife and the philosophy undergirding its reality. You will emerge with renewed hope in the kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Rethinking Eschatology
  • Rethinking Death
  • Rethinking Views of Afterlife
  • Rethinking Reincarnation
  • Rethinking Individual Judgment
  • Rethinking the Immortal Soul
  • Rethinking the Intermediate State
  • Rethinking Limbo
  • Rethinking Purgatory
  • Rethinking Christ’s Second Coming
  • Rethinking the General Resurrection
  • Rethinking the Final Judgment
  • Rethinking Hell
  • Rethinking Heaven
  • Rethinking the New Creation
About Your Presenter

Fr. Harvey D. Egan, S.J., D.Theol., is a leading expert on Christian mysticism and the thought of Karl Rahner. He is Emeritus Professor of Systematic and Mystical Theology at Boston College, where he taught for forty years. He previously taught at the College of the Holy Cross and Santa Clara University. Fr. Egan received his doctorate of theology under the direction of Karl Rahner from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany, and he is the recipient of the Robert H. Goddard Distinguished Alumni Award from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

He is the author of several books, including Soundings in the Christian Mystical Tradition (Liturgical Press, 2010), Karl Rahner: Mystic of Everyday Life (Crossroad, 1998), An Anthology of Christian Mysticism (Liturgical Press, 1991), and Christian Mysticism: The Future of a Tradition (Pueblo Publishing, 1984). Fr. Egan has also translated many writings by Karl Rahner, and he has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and entries in anthologies.

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“I can think of no better guide to the Christian mystical tradition than Fr. Harvey Egan, S.J. L...

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