Meet the Real Mary Magdalene

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Meet the Real Mary Magdalene

  • Brown University
6 Lectures (3 Discs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Other than the Virgin Mary, no woman has so captivated—or eluded—biblical scholars as Mary from Magdala. From the longstanding assumption that she was a prostitute to the more recent speculation that she was Jesus’ wife (in popular fiction like The Da Vinci Code), rumors about Mary have abounded for centuries.

Now, one of the world’s most eminent New Testament scholars invites you to meet the real Mary Magdalene.

You will begin by probing the popular myth of Mary Magdalene as a sinful woman who repented and became a disciple of Jesus. Significantly, Mary is among the women who witness Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Fr. Raymond Collins invites you to carefully analyze her portrayal in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) before tuning to the Gospel of John.

John’s Gospel tells the dramatic and fascinating story of Mary discovering the empty tomb and mistaking the resurrected Jesus for a gardener. With Fr. Collins, you will put all the rich symbolism of this famous story under the microscope.

You will conclude by looking at depictions of Mary Magdalene in non-canonical manuscripts, the recent discoveries of which have given rise to a revisionist notion of her.

Now is your chance to gain a powerful portrait of the most mysterious woman to become a follower of Jesus.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • The Classic Portrait of Mary Magdalene
  • The Oldest Story about Mary Magdalene
  • Matthew’s and Luke’s Portrayals of Mary Magdalene
  • John’s Story: A Story in Two Parts
  • Mary Magdalene in Gnostic Literature and Other Ancient Texts
  • The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and Contemporary Fictional Portrayals
About Your Presenter

Fr. Raymond F. Collins, S.T.D., is a renowned expert on the New Testament, an award-winning professor, and a visiting scholar in the Department of Religious Studies at Brown University. The former dean of the School of Religious Studies and professor of New Testament at The Catholic University of America, he has also served as a member of the faculty of theology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, where he was chair of the Programs in English, long-time editor of Louvain Studies, and rector of the American College. He is a member of the Rome-based Ecumenical Pauline Colloquium. Fr. Collins earned his licentiate and doctoral degrees in sacred theology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

He is the author and/or editor of twenty books on the New Testament, including An Introduction to the New Testament (1983) and major commentaries on First Corinthians (Sacra Pagina, 1999), 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus (New Testament Library, 2002), and Second Corinthians (Paideia, 2013). An associate editor of The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Fr. Collins has contributed to The Encyclopedia of ReligionThe New Jerome B...

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Customer Reviews (0)
Summer Survey: July 2017
Many myths were exposed, explained and corrected. Review by Carol Rummel, Crossville, TN, USA (Posted on 7/21/2017)
Summer Survey: July 2017
Factual information about the real Mary Magdalene, a woman possessed by demons, driven out by Jesus, who then became his disciple. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, as is incorrectly reported about her. Review by Joan Moore Pensacola Beach, FL USA (Posted on 7/20/2017)
Winter Survey: January 2017
The program guide is very clear, and the presentation has many details of the subject. The speaker (Fr. Collins) has a clear diction, and keeps my interest with realistic analogies to illustrate his points. Review by Diane Stengle Hadley, Ma. USA (Posted on 1/3/2017)
Unique way of presenting
Mary of Magdala has such a misunderstood and storied history. Fr. Raymond Collins has a unique way of presenting the Real Mary Magdalene. Thanks! Review by Kathleen (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Promotes the truth about Mary Magdalene
Promotes the truth about Mary Magdalene and teaches us how much Jesus valued women and their role in the Church. Review by Joan (Posted on 4/28/2016)
a delight to hear her true story
Mary Magdalene has been misunderstood and down rated for so long that it is a delight to hear her true story and contributions to Christianity. Review by Kathleen (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Very refreshing.
Fr. Raymond F. Collins is a very lucid presenter and covers this topic with expertise as he introduces us to the "Real Mary Magdalene." Mary has been so misunderstood for many centuries - Fr. Collins brings conveys the woman she really is- this is very refreshing.
Review by Kathleen (Posted on 11/23/2015)
Father Collins is a brilliant teacher and spiritual leader.
There is so much interest in Mary Magdalene. It is good to reflect on the Biblical and historical facts and hear about ancient and modern scholarship and misunderstandings. Father Collins is a brilliant teacher and spiritual leader. Review by Rev. Anne (Posted on 9/3/2015)
It allows you to Meet the 'Real' Mary Magdalene
As the title suggests, it allows you to Meet the 'Real' Mary Magdalene, not someone who has endured a too-long reputation of someone who she "was not." Review by Richard (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Fr. Collins is an excellent presenter and speaker.
Fr. Collins is an excellent presenter and speaker. He has given a much needed update on Mary Magdalene that many already know. However, I continue to hear from laity and clergy alike the role assigned to her by Pope Gregory I. Of course, I give my little input in these instances. Review by Kathleen (Posted on 9/3/2015)
A deeper understanding
Scholarly facts are presented that help debunk common myths and give us a deeper understanding of people in the Bible. Review by Larry (Posted on 10/19/2016)
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