Unbelief: Understanding Atheism

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Unbelief: Understanding Atheism

  • Professor; Hogan Chair in Philosophy,
  • St. Joseph's University
15 Lectures (5 Discs)
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How can a Catholic understand atheism?

For much of Western history, belief in God was taken for granted. As society has grown more secular, however, people have increasingly expressed disbelief in God. Today, a quarter of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, many of whom identify as atheists and agnostics.

As the number of atheists has grown, so too have debates around the legitimacy of religion. Too often, these debates become embroiled in vitriol and personal attacks. And even those that take a more civil approach often focus on proving, or disproving, God’s existence rather than fostering dialogue.

Unbelief: Understanding Atheism provides you with balanced ways to engage in thoughtful conversations with nonbelievers. Presented by Fr. Joseph Godfrey, a Jesuit and leading professor on the philosophy of religion, these lectures are both sympathetic and analytical.

You will explore the different forms of atheism and scientific theories used to support the nonexistence of God. You’ll also delve into classic texts by atheists (Nietzsche, Sartre, Marx) as well as insights about atheism from Christians like Aquinas, Karl Rahner, and John Hick.

As you grapple with the profound questions that arise from these thinkers and texts, you will understand the central ideas of atheism and the value of atheist insights. While considering the evidential arguments against God, you will also understand that this evidence does not block paths to belief.

Gain a fuller understanding of nonbelief today.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Atheism of Evidence, Atheism of Suspicion
  • Evidence Tools
  • The (Very) Idea of God
  • The Growth of God
  • Nothing but Nature?
  • Does a Big Bang Disprove God?
  • Does Chance Disprove God?
  • Does Something Come from Nothing?
  • Does Chance Explain Pattern?
  • With God Dead, We Live: Nietzsche
  • With No God, We Face Freedom: Sartre
  • Evil, God, and Blame: Dostoevsky
  • Evil: Is God to Blame?
  • Defenses of God
  • Dialogue, Salvation, Language, and Experience
About Your Presenter

Your presenter is Fr. Joseph Godfrey, S.J., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he holds the Joseph S. Hogan S.J. Chair in Philosophy. At Saint Joseph’s, he has won teaching awards and has regularly taught courses on the philosophy of religion, atheism, ethics, logic, and the history of Greek and of medieval philosophy. A Jesuit priest, he has taught at Santa Clara University, Marquette University, Loyola University Chicago, and the Jesuit Scholasticate in Ho Chi Minh City. He has lectured internationally at such institutions as Georgetown University, Stony Brook University, La Salle University, Australian Catholic University, the United Faculty of Theology in Melbourne, and Heythrop College in London.

Fr. Godfrey holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto. He is the author of A Philosophy of Human Hope [Studies in Philosophy and Religion] (Martinus Nijhoff, 1987) and Trust of People, Words, and God: A Route for Philosophy of Religion (University of Notre Dame Press, 2012). He has also written articles on Gabriel Marcel and on Josef Pieper, as well as entries for the 2012–2013 Supplement to the New Catholic Encyclopedia and for the En...

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