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  • Professor, Catholic Theological Union
12 Lectures (4 DVDs or 5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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  1. discipleship Video Bundle: Seek First the Kingdom: A Spiritual Retreat with Fr. Anthony Gittins + Discipleship - 12 Discs Total $269.95
  2. discipleship Audio Bundle: Seek First the Kingdom: A Spiritual Retreat with Fr. Anthony Gittins + Discipleship - 12 CDs Total $159.95

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This course is singularly outstanding. As a thoughtful Catholic, you will love it.

Discipleship is expertly taught with clear examples and an engaging style you will find moving and compelling. Your guide, Fr. Anthony Gittins, is not only a world-renowned scholar, he is also a charismatic presenter who for good reason was selected to deliver the 2012 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress keynote address.

What does it really mean to be a disciple of Jesus? In the Bible, Jesus says to His followers, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” Now, you can discover this “truth” and how to spread His Word through your own life.

In Discipleship, you will explore the two vital elements that compose discipleship: mission and evangelization. Mission is God’s work—the heart of the mystery we call God, which has literally been brought to earth and incarnated in Jesus. Jesus came to do the work of the one who “missioned” Him through evangelization: the dynamic diffusion of the Gospel of Salvation through everything He does.

One burning question remains: what will happen to this mission, started before time began and continued through the life and work of Jesus, when Jesus returns to His Father after the Resurrection?

The answer is, quite simply, discipleship. No one understands the meaning of discipleship better than Fr. Anthony Gittins, Ph.D., a man who has dedicated his life to mission. He eloquently demonstrates how New Testament discipleship can be applied to your life today. Through these absorbing lectures, you will come to understand how you are called to follow Jesus and continue God’s mission.

Join Fr. Gittins and discover how to follow Jesus on His path today.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Mission, Evangelization, and Discipleship
  • Exploring and Explaining Evangelization
  • Discipleship, Part I
  • Discipleship, Part II
  • The Story of the Rich Man (Mark 10:17-31)
  • Bartimaeus (Mark 10:32-51)
  • The Bent-Over Woman (Luke 13:10-17)
  • A Memorable Moment (Mark 14)
  • A Man’s Request, a Woman’s Resolve (Mark 5:21-43)
  • The Gift of a Stranger (Luke 34:13-35)
  • Peter and Thomas
  • The Cost of Discipleship
About Your Presenter

Fr. Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp., M.A., Ph.D., is a widely experienced missionary pastor and Professor of Theology and Culture at The Catholic Theological Union since 1984. He held the Bishop Ford Chair of Mission Theology from 1999–2008. Born in Manchester, England, and ordained in 1967, he earned M.A.s in Theoretical Linguistics and Social Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh. He later pursued post-doctoral research at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

He is the author of fourteen books on theology, anthropology, mission, and spirituality, including Ministry At The Margins: Strategy and Spirituality for Mission (Orbis, 2002), Come, Follow Me: The Commandments of Jesus (Liguori, 2004), Where There’s Hope, There’s Life: Women’s Stories and Practical Theology (Liguori, 2006), and Called to be Sent: Co-Missioned as Disciples Today (Liguori, 2008).

A member of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, Fr. Gittins has taught, offered workshops, and given retreats in more than 35 countries. From 1972–1980 he worked among the Mende people of Sierra Leone as a missionary pastor, linguist, and ethnographer, and from 1980–1984 he was Formation Director in London, where he also lect...

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Customer Reviews (10)
Practical and interesting
Excellent guide to the various aspects of discipleship. Practical and interesting presentation. Review by Mary (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Excellent presentation!
Fr. Gittins does an excellent presentation on explaining the different facets of discipleship. With his knowledge of ancient thought patterns and customs, he is able to give a fresh interpretation to some of the gospel stories, i.e., the rich young man.
Review by S. M. Gemma (Posted on 11/23/2015)
It links God's mission in history with the daily life.
It looks at the whole movement of becoming really involved in living the Christian life. It links God's mission in history with the daily life, prayer and action, of the Christian. Review by Don (Posted on 9/3/2015)
His insights are new and exciting!
I like the way Fr. Gittins weaves in his knowledge of Middle Eastern customs in explaining the Gospel stories. His insights are new and exciting! Review by Sr. Gemma (Posted on 9/3/2015)
This program appeals to people of different faith formation backgrounds.
I appreciate Tony's approach: clear theology, Gospel-based, challenging and encouraging. This program appeals to people of different faith formation backgrounds. Review by Maureen (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Fr. Gittins' presentation on "Discipleship" is at once affirming and challenging. He reminds us that the Word is as effective as we are willing to be compelled by it, and to incarnate in our day to day life on the ground. I highly recommend it. Review by Miriam Najimy, DHM, Holyoke, MA, USA (Posted on 4/13/2015)
Clarity of presentation, well organized, excellent teaching skills, thorough content, easy to watch and listen.... mortivational Review by Holyoke, MA, USA (Posted on 4/13/2015)
The stories of the encounters with human beings and their needs motivated a desire to act as Jesus did. Review by Jean R. Fisch, O.P., Plantation, FL (Posted on 4/13/2015)
Discipleship was clear, insightful, inspiring. Fr. Gittins "adjusted our lens" so that concepts that were very traditional took on a fresh radiance and hope, for us as individuals and as a community. Review by Lynn Ann Reesman, Hubertus, WI, USA (Posted on 4/13/2015)
Read very well
Covers details of the gospel usually dismissed. Review by Russ (Posted on 5/3/2012)
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