Christian Dialogue with Jews and Muslims: A Roman Catholic Perspective

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Christian Dialogue with Jews and Muslims: A Roman Catholic Perspective

  • Associate Professor of Theology
  • The University of St. Thomas
12 Lectures (5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Explore the history, rich theological underpinnings, and current issues of Interreligious dialogue between Christian's, Jews, and Muslims.

Through this series of talks on Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim dialogue, you will explore some of the theological and religious issues that are in the forefront of each of these dialogues. Because Christians have a different (but similar) relationship with Jews and Muslims, this series will treat the two relationships in different sections.

Beginning with what dialogue means, you will first look at the issues that Jews and Christians have been discussing the last forty years. The issues include the covenant, scripture, Jesus in his role as Messiah, and anti-Judaism. Then you will look at the issues that have been central in the Muslim-Christian dialogue, including the role of Jesus in Christianity and Islam, Muhammad, the Qur'an as revelation. Each of the two sections concludes with a presentation on Roman Catholic dialogue with each respective community and then another on Pope John II and his approach to Judaism and Islam.

Through this series of 12 talks, you will gain an appreciation for the dialogue that has been taking place among Jews, Muslims, and Christians the last four decades. You will gain insight and tools to help understand and contribute to answering the call of the Second Vatican Council to promote mutual understanding and respect among these three Abrahamic faiths.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Introduction to Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim Dialogue
  • Scriptural Issues in Jewish-Christian Dialogue / Jesus as the Messiah
  • Covenant in Christian and Jewish Dialogue
  • Christian Anti-Judaism from the Middle Ages to the Ghetto of Rome (1555-1870)
  • Nostra Aetate and Christian-Jewish Dialogue
  • Scriptural Issues and Pope John Paul II's Legacy in Christian-Jewish Relations
  • Introduction to Christian-Muslim Dialogue Jesus within the Islamic Tradition
  • The Death and Resurrection of Jesus / Mary in the Qur'an
  • Muhammad in a Christian Perspective
  • Christian-Muslim Dialogue Today
  • Pope John Paul II and Christian-Muslim Dialogue
About Your Presenter

Steven J. McMichael, OFM Conv., is an Associate Professor in the Theology Department at the University of Saint Thomas (Saint Paul, Minnesota). His interests include Franciscan studies and interreligious dialogue, especially Jewish-Christian and Muslim-Christian relations. He has published in the area of medieval Jewish-Christian relations, particularly on the writings of Alonso de Espina (d. 1464). He is currently researching and writing on the topic of the resurrection of Jesus in medieval theology, preaching, and interreligious polemical literature.

“Fr. Steven McMichael is an engaging speaker who has refined the skill of explaining medieval beliefs, practices and worldviews to a modern audience, both scholarly and popular.” – Jay M. Hammond, Ph.D., Saint Louis University
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