77 Great Catholic Homilies

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77 Great Catholic Homilies

  • Boston College
77 Lectures (8 CDs)
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Fifty years of Jesuit spirituality and scholarship come to full expression in Fr. Harvey Egan’s 77 Great Catholic Homilies.

Divided into five subsections—by feasts, family occasions, miscellaneous reflections, and Christ-focused subjects—the series telescopes from the general to the particular in fluid motions. You will find anecdotal wisdom in spades; Fr. Egan’s homilies approach topics in Christianity from a simultaneously creative and orthodox perspective, eschewing the tendency for homilies to become treatises on scriptural passages or mere platforms for political views. Instead, Fr. Egan strives to balance fidelity to the mass with attentiveness to his listeners’ interests.

Drawing on his decades of pastoral experience and St. Ignatius of Loyola’s idea of “safe doctrine,” Fr. Egan offers you a glimpse of his process. When he sits down to prepare a homily, he begins by reading over the commentaries of some of his favorite scripture scholars. “Almost always,” says Fr. Egan, “they give me a few ideas, a jumping off point.”

In each powerful homily, you will find spiritually edifying nuggets of insight—easily consumed in the background of your daily commute or household chores.

In the end, the tone of the series might be best illustrated by one of the many amusing anecdotes you will hear from Fr. Egan. He recalls a friend once saying that homilies were like good home-cooked meals: years later you might not remember what was actually cooked, but no doubt you were nourished. 77 Great Catholic Homilies follows from this analogy, hoping to nourish you spiritually.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles


  • Homily 1: Advent and Expectation
  • Homily 2: The Old and the New
  • Homily 3: Three Pregnant Women
  • Homily 4: Christmas: Christ as the Light of the World
  • Homily 5: Epiphany as Political Dynamite
  • Homily 6: He was Named Jesus
  • Homily 7: Finding Jesus in the Temple
  • Homily 8: Feast of the Holy Family
  • Homily 9: Cana—Mary and “Do whatever he tells you”
  • Homily 10: The Baptism of the Lord
  • Homily 11: Rethinking Ash Wednesday and Genuine Christianity
  • Homily 12: Lent—Satan Tests Jesus in the Desert
  • Homily 13: Rethinking Good Friday and the Cross
  • Homily 14: Rethinking Good Friday as Christ’s Descent into Hell
  • Homily 15: Resurrection—In No Other Name
  • Homily 16: Jesus’ Easter Appearances
  • Homily 17: Resurrection—We Have Seen the Lord
  • Homily 18:  Feast of Jesus’ Body and Blood
  • Homily 19: Rethinking Blood Sacrifice
  • Homily 20: Eating and Drinking Christ’s Flesh and Blood
  • Homily 21: Rethinking Jesus’ Ascension
  • Homily 22: Jesus the Bridegroom and Rethinking Heaven
  • Homily 23: Rethinking Resurrection and Heaven as the New Creation
  • Homily 24: Feast of Christ the King
  • Homily 25: Pentecost Sunday
  • Homily 26: Trinity Sunday



  • Homily 27: “Who do you say that I am?”
  • Homily 28: Jesus—the Heart of Christianity
  • Homily 29: Jesus’ Central Message—the Kingdom
  • Homily 30: Jesus the Jew (Immaculate Heart of Mary Feast)
  • Homily 31: Jesus’ Authority
  • Homily 32: “He who sees me sees the Father”
  • Homily 33. The Offensive Jesus
  • Homily 34: “Those who lose their life for my sake will find it”
  • Homily 35: Rethinking “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar . . .”
  • Homily 36: The Mustard Seed and the Kingdom of God
  • Homily 37: Jesus Forgives Sins
  • Homily 38: Jesus Cures the Deaf Mute
  • Homily 39: Jesus Calms the Violent Sea
  • Homily 40: Jesus Feeds the Multitudes
  • Homily 41: Jesus Feeds the Crowds
  • Homily 42: Jesus the Eunuch, Barren Women, and the Kingdom
  • Homily 43. Jesus and Women
  • Homily 44: Jesus and Women II
  • Homily 45: “No one knows the Father except the Son”
  • Homily 46: “He’s out of his mind”



  • Homily 47: The Power of Faith
  • Homily 48: Suffering for the Kingdom of God
  • Homily 49: Pray Unceasingly
  • Homily 50: Rich in What Matters to God
  • Homily 51: The Lord’s Prayer and Aging
  • Homily 52: Parable of the Wedding Feast
  • Homily 53: A Worthy Wife
  • Homily 54: Children as Gift and Celibacy
  • Homily 55: Children as the Greatest in God’s Kingdom
  • Homily 56: July 4th— Independence Day
  • Homily 57: Rejoicing in the Anniversary of my Jesuit Vocation
  • Homily 58: Rethinking Purgatory
  • Homily 59. Rethinking Hell
  • Homily 60: Jairus’ Daughter—Christian Pessimism and Optimism



  • Homily 61: The Call of the Apostle Matthew
  • Homily 62: Peter the Paradox
  • Homily 63: Peter the Jew Walks on the Water
  • Homily 64: Mary Magdalen at the Tomb and New Creation
  • Homily 65: Feast of Peter and Paul
  • Homily 66: Paul—The Ecstatic Mystic
  • Homily 67: Francis of Assisi and the Stigmata of Daily Life
  • Homily 68: Francis of Assisi and Ignatius of Loyola
  • Homily 69: The Feast of Ignatius of Loyola
  • Homily 70: The Feast of Teresa of Avila
  • Homily 71: The Feast of the Holy Angels
  • Homily 72: The Feast of Martyrs—Jesus’ Presence and Absence
  • Homily 73: Mother Teresa—Wrestling with God



  • Homily 74: Rethinking Baptism
  • Homily 75: Rethinking Baptism II
  • Homily 76: Rethinking Marriage
  • Homily 77 : Rethinking Funerals


About Your Presenter

Fr. Harvey D. Egan, S.J., D.Theol., is a leading expert on Christian mysticism and the thought of Karl Rahner. He is Emeritus Professor of Systematic and Mystical Theology at Boston College, where he taught for forty years. He previously taught at the College of the Holy Cross and Santa Clara University. Fr. Egan received his doctorate of theology under the direction of Karl Rahner from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany, and he is the recipient of the Robert H. Goddard Distinguished Alumni Award from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

He is the author of several books, including Soundings in the Christian Mystical Tradition (Liturgical Press, 2010), Karl Rahner: Mystic of Everyday Life (Crossroad, 1998), An Anthology of Christian Mysticism (Liturgical Press, 1991), and Christian Mysticism: The Future of a Tradition (Pueblo Publishing, 1984). Fr. Egan has also translated many writings by Karl Rahner, and he has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and entries in anthologies.

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“I can think of no better guide to the Christian mystical tradition than Fr. Harvey Egan, S.J. L...

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