Toward the Blessed Life: Knowing and Living the Beatitudes

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Toward the Blessed Life: Knowing and Living the Beatitudes

  • Speaker and Award-Winning Author
24 Lectures (9 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Experience the fullness of the Beatitudes in your life.

This course will challenge and inspire you. What does it mean to be a disciple? What does it mean to hunger and thirst for justice in an unjust world?

Pursue these questions and more with Capuchin Michael Crosby as he unlocks the meaning of the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. Fr. Crosby has been teaching Catholics for 30 years, and his book Spirituality of the Beatitudes is cherished by the faithful worldwide. Now, you too can benefit from his wisdom with this insightful series.

A deeper examination of Matthew's Gospel shows that the code of conduct laid out in the Beatitudes is meant for all people. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to value the Beatitudes personally, communally, and collectively. We follow Jesus in His vision and effort to create an alternative community, defined by the Beatitudes and defiant of the wider culture. Following Jesus’ way of wisdom, we build our lives, relationships, and Church on solid rock so that we can be “salt for the earth” and “light for the world.”

Explore the profound message of the Beatitudes in Scripture, society, and your life.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • The Context for the Beatitudes inMatthew's Gospel
  • The Beatitudes: A Call to All, A Chosen Way for Disciples
  • What Do We Mean by a "Beatitude"?
  • The Call to be Poor in Spirit in a World of Riches and Entitlement
  • Developing Further What We Mean by "Poor in Spirit"
  • The Woman with the Alabaster Jar as a Model of One Who Is "Poor in Spirit"
  • What the 'Kingdom' of Heaven Is Not
  • What Is the Kingdom of Heaven and How Do We Enter It?
  • Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, They Will Be Comforted
  • Applying the Second Beatitude to Our Lives
  • How Jesus Models the Third Beatitude
  • How We Deal With Threats to Our Wealth
  • How Jesus is the Model of the One Who Is Blessed
  • Hungering and Thirsting for Justice
  • Acting Justly through Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting
  • Blessed Are the Merciful, They Will Receive Mercy
  • Forgiveness: The Work of Mercy
  • Compassion: The Kiss of Justice and Mercy
  • The Blessedness of Having a Pure Heart
  • Seeing God That Comes Through a Pure Heart
  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  • Becoming Brothers and Sisters in the Household of Faith
  • Blessed are Those Persecuted for Justice Sake
  • The Conclusion of the Beatitudes
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Father Michael Crosby was a Capuchin Franciscan. He lived in community with other friars in a downtown Milwaukee parish that serves the urban poor, homeless, and marginalized.


Since 1973, Fr. Crosby was a pioneer among Catholics in promoting corporate reform through socially responsible investing. He was influential in getting Catholics to work with the Protestant and Jewish communities in this effort at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR).


Fr. Crosby’s preaching and writing on contemporary biblical discipleship took him around the world. Toward this end he gave retreats, workshops and parish missions. He wrote seventeen books, including Spirituality of the Beatitudes: Matthew's Vision for the Church in an Unjust World (Orbis, 1981), which has had more than 20 printings. Many of his books received awards from the Catholic Press Association of Canada and the United States, including a first place award for Can Religious Life Be Prophetic? and a second place award for Finding Francis, Following Christ (Orbis, 2007). Fr. Crosby was also the author of Fruits of the Spirit: Pauline Mysticism for the Church Today (Orbis, 2015),...

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