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A Retreat with the Spiritual Exercises: Images, Poems, and Stories

  • Associate Professor of English and Theology,
  • Creighton University
12 Lectures (5 Discs) including Electronic Study Guide
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  1. CarlsonG1 Audio Bundle: A Retreat with the Spiritual Exercises: Images, Poems, and Stories + The Spiritual Exercises: A Heart-Centered Approach - 10 CDs Total $49.95
  2. CarlsonG1 Video Bundle: A Retreat with the Spiritual Exercises: Images, Poems, and Stories + Fables and Faith: Understanding the Gospel with Aesop’s Fables - 8 DVDs Total $89.95

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This unique retreat will delight your imagination and inspire your soul.

In our busy, modern society, we can often get caught up in the tumult of our day-to-day lives. Now, Jesuit Father Gregory Carlson invites you on a truly one-of-a-kind retreat experience to help you awaken your spirituality. Using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola as his foundation, Fr. Carlson has crafted a distinctive and lively retreat for you to enjoy.

A prize-winning literature teacher with decades of experience as a retreat leader and spiritual director, Fr. Carlson integrates poems, literature, and fables into his retreat to create a truly captivating experience. He possesses both a sense of childlike wonder and a deep reverence for God that will guide your spirituality.

You will look at the major turning points of the Exercises as well as richly imaginative presentations on Jesus’ life. You will also encounter a richly diverse tapestry of poems, anecdotes, and creative visual aids. Using subjects from Gerard Manley Hopkins to the fables of Aesop, you will deepen your spirituality in surprising and delightful ways.

Retreats are essential to the spiritual life, and you can experience this retreat wherever and whenever you desire. You will treasure Fr. Carlson’s intellectual richness, imaginative stimulus, and personal transparency.

We especially recommend the video version of this retreat. Fr. Carlson integrates many creative visual aids to enhance your retreat experience.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Speak, Lord; Your Servant Is Listening
  • Over Again I Feel Thy Finger and Find Thee
  • Let God Be Unlucky in Love
  • Your God Will Be My God Too
  • God Goes to Work
  • You Are My Wonderful Son
  • This Man Plunged into the Waters of Life
  • It’s Not about You
  • Jesus’ Last Temptation
  • The Lord Turned and Looked at Peter
  • He Laughed Last and Best
  • Dost Thou Touch Me Afresh?
About Your Presenter

An award-winning teacher, Fr. Gregory Carlson, S.J., D.Phil., is Associate Professor of English and Associate Director of the Deglman Center for Spirituality at Creighton University. A priest of the Society of Jesus, he has taught classics at the College of the Holy Cross, Creighton, and Marquette University. He has also been an invited chairholder at Georgetown University and John Carroll University. Fr. Carlson received his master’s degree in Classics from St. Louis University, his Master of Divinity from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, and his doctorate summa cum laude from the University of Heidelberg.

In 1979, Jesuit superiors asked him to leave his tenured position at Holy Cross to help create a seminary for the humanities education of younger Jesuits at Creighton University. At Creighton, he has won the coveted Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. His courses in Greek literature, world literature, and the humanities have regularly included the reading of Homer's Odyssey. He also served as President of the Vergilian Society from 1999 to 2001.

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“Years ago Fr. Greg Carlson was one of my most influential teachers at Holy Cros...

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