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Bundle: 2,000 Years of Papal History + Picking Popes: Conclaves - 15 CDs Total

  • Associate Professor of History, Kean University
2 Course Bundle: 39 Lectures (15 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guides
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Picking Popes: Conclaves - CD Set   +$37.00
2,000 Years of Papal History: The Popes from Peter to Benedict XVI - Audio CD Set   +$37.95

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This is a special discounted price for a bundle of these two programs:

2,000 Years of Papal History: The Popes from Peter to Benedict XVI
by Fr. John W. O'Malley, S.J., Ph.D.

Picking Popes: Conclaves
by Prof. Christopher M. Bellitto, Ph.D.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
2,000 Years of Papal History: The Popes from Peter to Benedict XVI
  • Introduction
  • Peter, Bishop of Rome?
  • After Peter and Paul, What?
  • Constantine, 'The Thirteenth Apostle'
  • Prosperity to Crisis: Damasus and Leo
  • Gregory the Great. (590-604)
  • Greeks, Lombards, Franks
  • Charlemagne: Savior or Master?
  • Their Darkest Hour
  • Saving the Papacy
  • Pope Gregory VII: Who's in Charge Here?
  • Compromises, Councils, and Crusades
  • Pope Innocent III, 'Born to Rule' and Vicar of Christ
  • Pope Boniface VIII: Big Claims, Big Humiliation
  • "The Babylonian Captivity"
  • The Great Western Schism, 1378-1417
  • The Restored Papacy
  • Two Councils and Two Popes
  • Some Renaissance Popes
  • Alexander VI and Julius II
  • Leo and Luther
  • Medici, Tudors, Habsburgs, Valois
  • Pope Paul III: A Turning Point
  • Reforming the Church: Popes and the Council of Trent
  • New Bureaucracy, New Rome
  • Jesuits, Jansenists, Gallicans, and Philosophers
  • Trauma: Revolution....then Napoleon!
  • The Papacy: Restored (again!) and Beleaguered
  • Pius IX and the Insolence of the Risorgimento
  • Leo XIII: Searching for Solutions
  • Pius X and Benedict XV: Fear and Sadness
  • Pius XI: Dealing with Mussolini and Hitler
  • Pius XII: Saint or Sinner?
  • Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council
  • Pope Paul VI: In a Tight Spot
  • Pope John Paul II and Conclusion

Picking Popes: Conclaves
  • What Happens When a Pope Dies?
  • Conclaves and Cardinals: A History
  • Difficult Questions
About Your Presenter

John W. O’Malley, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus, is currently University Professor in the Theology Department of Georgetown University, Washington, DC. He holds a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University. His specialty is the religious culture of early modern Europe. Father O’Malley has written and edited a number of books, several of which have won best-book awards. For instance, The First Jesuits, perhaps his best known work, received both the Jacques Barzun Prize for Cultural History from the American Philosophical Society and the Philip Schaff Prize from the American Society for Church History. It has been translated into ten languages. In 2008, he published with Harvard University Press What Happened at Vatican II, which is a companion to his book from the same press, Trent: What Happened at the Council (2012).

Father O’Malley has lectured widely in Europe and North America to both professional and general audiences. He is past-president of the Renaissance Society of America and the American Catholic Historical Association. He holds the Johannes Quasten Medal from The Catholic University of America for distinguished service in religious studies. In 1995 he was elected to the American Academy...

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Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto, Ph.D., is an award-winning historian and Professor of History at Kean University in New Jersey. He received a Ph.D. in History from Fordham University. He is the author of ten books and the co-editor of six others; his writing has been honored by the American Catholic Historical Association and the Catholic Press Association. A frequent public speaker and media commentator on Church history and contemporary Catholicism, he has appeared on the History and Travel channels, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and other radio and television stations. He has received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant and is on the Fulbright Specialist Roster.


Dr. Bellitto’s books include Ageless Wisdom: Lifetime Lessons from the Bible (Paulist Press, 2016), 101 Questions and Answers on Popes and the Papacy (Paulist Press, 2008), The Living Church and Church History 101 (Liguori Publications, 2011, 2008), and the companion volumes Renewing Christianity: A History of Church Reform from Day One to Vatican II and The General Councils: A History of the 21 Church Councils from Nicaea to Vatican II (Paulist Press, 2001-2002). H...

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