At the Table with Jesus: Do This in Remembrance of Me

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At the Table with Jesus: Do This in Remembrance of Me

  • Saint Mary's Seminary & University
12 Lectures (5 Discs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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Audio Sample:

You are invited to sit at the table with Jesus in this insightful course.

“Do this in memory of me.” Of all the teachings that Jesus imparted to His disciples, why did He ask that they remember Him by sharing a meal? And what does it mean to follow His request today?

In these 12 engaging lectures, you will discover the historical context and development of the Last Supper and the Eucharist. As you explore early Christianity and the New Testament, you will come to understand communal meals as Jesus saw them: a way of sharing the Gospel.

Looking at the context in which Jesus lived, you will consider the religious significance of food in Judaism and the Greek concept of banquets. As you do so, you will come to understand Jesus’ actions and what meals meant to the earliest Christians. Next, you will turn to the New Testament, exploring the Last Supper and the theme of table fellowship in Luke-Acts and the letters of Paul. Finally, you will consider the spiritual significance of sharing meals and celebrating the Eucharist.

At the end of these brilliant lectures, you will emerge with a deep understanding of God’s creation and lavish love. In exploring the history, meaning, and significance of the Last Supper and the Eucharistic celebration, you will deepen your faith.

Take this fascinating journey today.

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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Meals in the New Testament: Context and Background
  • The Pharisees and Ritual Purity
  • Jewish Notions of Food
  • Hellenism
  • Jesus and Hellenism
  • Table-Sharing in the Gospel of Luke
  • At the Table with Jesus in Luke
  • “Jesus’ Promiscuous Table Fellowship”
  • The Largesse of God
  • Hellenistic Meals and Jesus’ Challenge
  • Eucharist in the New Testament
  • Why a Meal?
About Your Presenter

Fr. William L. Burton, O.F.M., SSL, STD, is a celebrated teacher and biblical studies expert. He received a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome, a Master of Divinity and an M.A. in Theology from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, a Doctorate in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and a Master in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University, Chicago.

A Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Fr. Burton is a Franciscan priest and member of the provincial council of the Sacred Heart Province. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biblical studies at Quincy University and undergraduate courses at DePaul University. 

Fr. William Burton has also guided and taught hundreds of students and pilgrims throughout the Holy Land, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. He has published many articles in The Bible Today and elsewhere, and has recorded Bible-study DVDs for Paraclete Press and Franciscan Media: The Biblicist Series: An Introduction to the Bible and Demystifying the Book of Revelation.  ...

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Summer 2018 Survey
Fr William Burton's lectures on "At the table with Jesus* are full of interesting information that gives a good background and also new light on certain passages in the Gospel. I found it fascinating and enjoyed it so much that I bought another set to give to a friend so she can enjoy it too. Review by Antoinette Agius, Birkirkara, Malta (Posted on 7/5/2018)
Winter Survey: January 2017
The DVD "At the Table with Jesus" is one of the finest programs on the Eucharist that I have ever viewed! Father's delivery, knowledge, sense of humor, clear presentation is one of the programs that I will continue to view and offer for study groups! I recommend this program to everyone who desires a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist! Thank you and God bless you for offering the best contemporary theological presenters and programs. The CD "Becoming the Eucharist we Celebrate" is also an excellent program on the Eucharist. Fr. Cosby's presentation is extremely well delivered. It deepened my appreciation and knowledge of the culture and times that opened new visas and appreciation of the Great Sacrament of Love! Review by Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio, osf Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities 201 Reist St. Williamsville, NY 14221 (Posted on 1/16/2017)
Kept our attention
This CD brought the Eucharist and Bible readings into the light of truth as the speaker reviewed the important history surrounding favorite stories. He was clearly excited about his topic, and kept our attention as he connected the dots. Review by Maureen (Posted on 10/19/2016)
Fall Survey: October 2016
It was just very informative. Review by Robert Irwin San Lorenzo, CA USA (Posted on 10/12/2016)
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