Angels, Demons and the Devil: Christian Belief and Experience

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Angels, Demons and the Devil: Christian Belief and Experience

  • Lund-Gill Chair of Theology, Dominican University
12 Lectures (5 CDs) Including Electronic Study Guide
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What does scripture, theology and experience teach us about angels and demons? Are they real or just the product of religious fantasy, superstition, and folklore?

Join Dominican scholar and leading expert Professor Woods through a fascinating and scholarly series on the origins of belief in good and bad angels and demons in the biblical tradition and other sources. You will find this course captivating and enlightening.

What are angels and demons? Do they really exist? Or are they emblems of some more obscure aspect of the universe? What, or who, is the devil? Why does he have so many names -- Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub and so on? Do Christians have to believe in angels and the devil? How much of it is considered to be divine revelation? How many people in fact believe in angels and demons?

Can people have real experiences of angels and demons? And, perhaps most urgently for people who tend to stay awake at night wondering about such things, how could an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God allow things to go so wrong in the first place? What possible role does all this have in our understanding of God, Creation, and Redemption?

Now you can explore these questions and more while exploring their religious, theological, and spiritual significance.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Introduction: The Persistence of Belief
  • Angels: The Hebrew Scriptures & Later Judaism
  • Angels: The Christian Scriptures
  • Angels: The Development of Christian Tradition
  • Experiences of Angels: Traditional Accounts
  • Experiences of Angels Today
  • Bad Angels: Satan and Company
  • The Fall of the Angels: How Can An Angel Sin?
  • A Rumbling of Demons: Earthly Powers
  • Problem Cases: Possession and Exorcism
  • In the End: Grace and Freedom
  • The Prevalence of Mystery
About Your Presenter

Fr. Richard Woods, O.P., Ph.D., S.T.M. is currently professor of theology at Dominican University in River Forest, IL, where he was honored with the role of Lund-Gill Chair in 2010. Other highlights of his teaching career include his professorship at Oxford University’s Blackfriars Hall and his reception of the Aquinas Scholar title from the Aquinas Center of Theology at Emory University.

Having published 13 books and over 100 articles, Fr. Woods’ prolific writing has spanned topics from medieval mysticism to contemporary spirituality; and his penchant for story-telling has led him to publish fictional literature, as well. The religious imagination of the Celts has informed several of his fictional and non-fictional works alike. Often, his writing has come to life in the Irish countryside itself, in the 150-year-old cottage called Dragonthorn that serves as a place of retreat for Fr. Woods.

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