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Heroes of the Desert: The Lives and Teachings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

  • Priest, Author and Adult Education Leader
  • Oratory of Saint Philip Neri
15 Lectures (5 Discs)
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  1. desert-fathers-mothers Audio/Video Bundle: Heroes of the Desert: The Lives and Teachings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers + Thomas Merton on Desert Spirituality - 10 Discs Total $59.95
  2. desert-fathers-mothers Audio Bundle: Heroes of the Desert: The Lives and Teachings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers + Thomas Merton on Desert Spirituality - 10 CDs Total $44.95

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Encountering the Desert Fathers and Mothers will enrich your prayer life and your faith.

Beginning in the 3rd century AD, pious men and women journeyed into the Egyptian desert, where they sought to be “alone with God alone.” Known as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, they pursued lives of solitude and prayer in order to make offerings of themselves to God. They acquired great insight into the spiritual life, which has been passed down to us in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

Now, you can discover the fascinating lives and works of such awe-inspiring figures as St. Antony the Great and St. Mary of Egypt. Through 15 video or audio lectures, you will journey into the ascetic world of the desert—a world that has much to teach us about our own time. The teachings of the desert are characterized by their simplicity, practicality, and timelessness. You will see the power of God at work in the lives of ordinary people who trustingly handed their lives over to Him.

In his foundational book, The Lausiac History, Palladius wrote, “Seek for meetings with holy men and women so that you may see clearly your own heart. . . . The grace of their thoughts will increase your strength.” By looking at the heroic examples of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, you will gain invaluable insight into your own spiritual life.

Embark on this unforgettable spiritual journey today.


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Topic Titles
Topic Titles
  • Part I: Alone with God Alone
  • Why the Desert?
  • The Development of Monasticism
  • Daily Life in the Desert
  • Part II: Saint Antony the Great
  • The Life of Antony
  • Father of Monks
  • The Wisdom of Antony
  • Part III: A Garden in the Wilderness
  • The Words of the Fathers
  • Saint Arsenius and Saint Macarius
  • Saint John and Saint Poemen
  • Part IV: Saint Syncletica and the Desert Ammas
  • The Mothers of the Desert
  • Saint Syncletica’s Advice for Beginners
  • Saint Syncletica’s Wisdom for Life’s Journey
  • Part V: Finding Healing in the Desert
  • Saint Mary of Egypt: Into the Desert
  • Desert Conversions: Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Moses the Ethiopian
  • Saint Moses the Ethiopian: The Convert’s Wisdom
About Your Presenter

Father Philip Bochanski is a Catholic priest and a member of the Philadelphia Congregation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. He received his M.A. in Theology from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Father Bochanski has published several books and articles on spirituality and history and serves as a peer reviewer for the Linacre Quarterly, the journal of the Catholic Medical Association. He is the co-author and editor of Our Faith-Filled Heritage: The Church of Philadelphia Bicentennial as a Diocese and The Wonderful Works of God: A Sesquicentennial History of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany

Throughout his priestly ministry, Father Bochanski has been active in the work of adult faith formation. He is a frequent presenter of lectures and courses at the parish and archdiocesan levels, including a course on the Church Fathers. Father Philip presently serves as Chaplain to the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in Philadelphia, to the Philadelphia Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, and to the Philadelphia chapter of the Courage Apostolate.

The Oratory, which Fr. Bochanski joined in 2004, is a society of apostolic life founded in Rome in 1575. The Philadelphia congregation to which Fr. Boachanski belongs is composed of ...

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